Department of Public Works


To provide a safe public stormwater and road infrastructure.

Our Structure

The Department of Public Works is comprised of four divisions which perform specific services for the citizens of Pasco County Florida:

Our Leadership and Management

  • Core Values (Integrity, Empathy, and Respect)
  • People
  • Teamwork
  • Outcomes

Customer Bill of Rights

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Paving the Way. We hope you enjoy our video.

Paved road with white lines and "Paving the Way" written in yellow

Pasco County Public Works customers sometimes ask:
"Why does it take so long to pave a road?" 
Some projects can take a little longer than others, but Pasco County strives to finish paving projects on time - while making sure repairs are done safely and properly. 
In this short video, we demonstrate the two processes Pasco County uses to pave roads. Our goal is to make sure there are not bumps in the road, so to speak, to ensure a smooth drive for everyone who uses Pasco's roads. 

Flood relief. Introducing Pasco's Automated Floodgates

Floodgates with signage "Pasco County Flood Relief"

Our automated floodgates help Pasco get out ahead of potential neighborhood and street flooding issues. The automated system allows our Public Works team to open and close gates remotely - instead of requiring them to manually (and slowly) crank the gates open. 

Thank you Partners Protecting Pasco Waterways

Corkboard filled with colorful square and the words thank you

We salute our Partners Protecting Pasco Waterways. These businesses have joined with Pasco County to keep our residents informed about safe and effective fertilizer use to safeguarding our neighborhood ponds, lakes, creeks and rivers. We are grateful for their commitment to protecting our precious water resources for current and future generations.

Thank you Partners Protecting Pasco Waterways.