Is there any way I can reduce the assessment?

At your expense, you may choose to Down Zone your parcel to a different zoning classification that would allow for fewer residential units on your parcel or have a Deed Restriction limiting the amount of development allowed on the parcel before the final assessment is adopted by the Board of County Commissioners. All costs involved in either of these processes are the sole responsibility of the property owner. If you wish to pursue either of the two options, please understand that the resale value of your property may be affected. It is important you let the County know in advance of the public hearing at which the preliminary assessment will be considered so that any necessary adjustments in the final roll can be made.

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1. How is an assessment initiated?
2. How is my assessment calculated?
3. What are ERUS and how are they calculated?
4. What other factors does the County consider in calculating an assessment?
5. How does an assessment project get approved?
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7. If an assessment project is approved at the public hearing, is a lien automatically placed against my property for the amount of the proposed assessment?
8. Since the non-ad valorem paving assessment appears on the ad valorem tax bill, isn’t it a tax?
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10. What happens if I can’t afford to pay the assessment when I get the bill? Will I lose my property?
11. What happens to the lien if I choose to pay-off my assessment early?
12. Is there any way I can reduce the assessment?