What is reclaimed water?

Pasco County's reclaimed water is highly treated wastewater produced through an advanced wastewater treatment process. This process eliminates harmful byproducts while retaining beneficial elements, such as nitrogen and phosphorus that are useful as fertilizer when reclaimed water is used for irrigating landscapes and can even lower your utility bill.

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1. What is reclaimed water?
2. Is reclaimed water safe?
3. How is reclaimed water processed?
4. What is the quality of reclaimed water?
5. What are the benefits of using reclaimed water?
6. How do I apply for reclaimed water service?
7. Are there restrictions on reclaimed water use?
8. What areas currently receive reclaimed water?
9. What do I need to know about connecting to reclaimed water?
10. What is the reclaimed water rate?
11. What types of plants thrive on reclaimed water?